Listening to the Horse - The Documentary by Elaine Heney & Grey Pony Films (with 36 months access)

Join 70+ horsemen & women as they share their stories in this award-winning documentary (with 36 months access)

Listening to the Horse™ is the award-winning 7 episode horse documentary by Elaine Heney.

This award-winning documentary features over 70+ of the world's most inspiring horse people including Mark Rashid, Jim Masterson, Dr. Robert Miller, Jeff Sanders, Steve Halfpenny, Eitan Beth-Halachmy, Lester Buckley, Smokie Brannaman, Elaine Heney, Carolyn Resnick, Warwick Schiller, Guy McLean, Kim Walnes, Dagmar, Julie Goodnight, Karen Rohlf and many more...

Directed by the award-winning film-maker and international best-selling author, Elaine Heney.

Meet the 70+ incredible horsemen and horsewomen in this documentary....

If horses could talk, what would they say?

Join award-winning Irish film-maker Elaine Heney, as she explores this question in interviews with over 70 of the world's most loved horsemen and women.

This 7-part documentary series looks at many aspects of our lives with horses, including acknowledging when our horses try, feel, timing and balance, fixing problems, working with wild and young horses, groundwork, liberty, footfall, why collection is important for your horses health, feet, teeth, general health, bodywork, healing, animal communication, saddle and bit fit, fear and confidence issues, mental health, home and environment.

Enjoy this documentary and create an inspiring partnership with your horse. This is what peopel had to say about this award-winning docu-series...

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Here is everything you get:

  • Online access to 7 episodes of the Listening to the Horse award-winning documentary (over 5.5 hours)
  • 7 text transcriptions of all episodes to read & enjoy
  • 5.5 hours of audio files from the documentary (listen in your car or walking)
  • 70+ biographies of all horsemanship presenters in the movie
  • 3 Grey Pony Films mini-documentaries including the power of patience & the balanced horse.
  • You will get access to this online movie for 3 years from the date of purchase.

"The whole series was just fabulous"

"The whole Listening to the Horse™ series was just fabulous. Such a lot of information to try and assimilate, but so inspirational. Thank you so much to those who put it together, and to those willing to share their insight and experience. Nicole."

"It was phenomenal to learn from many inspiring horse people"

"It was a joy to sit back and watch as well as listen to the cross section of professionals ranging from the animal communicators through to land management, biomechanics, the importance of rider balance, fitness and positive affirmations as well as nutrition and tack fitting.

"I loved it - Every horse owners needs to watch it!"

"The movie backed up everything I did with my horse. It was a beautiful, soulful movie that helps you connect with your horse so you may both go forward and enjoy the ride. Lynn."

Your Instructor

Elaine Heney
Elaine Heney

Elaine Heney is an award-winning producer and director from Ireland. She was Executive Producer on ‘Out of the Wild’ written by Mark Rashid, director of 'Listening to the Horse' and the award-winning documentary ‘Soft Feel and Light Horses’ by Steve Halfpenny. She founded Grey Pony Films, and lives in Ireland with her three horses.

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  • What currency are the prices in? The prices are in USD (American dollars).
  • Can I watch this movie today? Yes. Purchase the 7-part documentary today and get instant online access to the full 7-part documentary.
  • After I purchase the movie, how many times can I watch the online movie? 24/7, as many times as you like for up to 3 years.
  • How long is each episode? Each episode is 40-50 minutes long.
  • Do you have a refund policy? Yes we offer a 14 day 100% money back guarantee.
  • Can I buy the DVD box set? No sorry, we just offer online access to this documentary to avoid long shipping delays with DVDs.

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