Arena Pole Exercises PRO by Grey Pony Films (with 36 months access)

21 Cones Exercises, 26 x 4 Pole Challenges, the Polework Distances Guide & more...

I've got a lot of emails from students who have loved these pole exercises, but who wished they could have MORE exercises, plus cone exercises, a pole distances guide for jumping PLUS a journal to track everything!

So have put together a new Arena Pole Exercises Pro Kit!

This toolkit is full of downloadable resources you can download & print, and use in the arena with your horse. No wifi required!


When you purchase today you will get the entire 'Arena Pole Exercises Pro' Toolkit:

  • 26 x 4 Pole Challenges for all Levels
  • 21 Cone Exercises & Challenges
  • The Horse & Pony Polework Distances & Spacing Guide
  • 14 Day Polework Journal to download

Purchase today, and get access to all these exercises for just $27 USD (excludes VAT or Sales Tax).


  • Can I download all the exercises? Yes
  • Can I download & save/print the training journal, so I can use it when I'm working with my horse? Yes
  • How can I track my daily progress? Download & print out the 14 Planner. Bring it out to the arena & keep track of all your daily groundwork & riding sessions.
  • What’s the format of these exercises? When you purchase, you get immediate access to everything in this training.
  • What is VAT? Europeans will also be changed VAT based on the country you live in. This is a European rule we must adhere to.
  • If I purchase now, can I access the toolkit when I have more time? Yes. You can download these exercises at your convenience. You will get access to these exercises for 3 years from the date of purchase.
  • Hey Elaine, is this a one time charge? Yes! This is a one-time payment only. There is no ongoing subscription. So you don't need to worry. All you need to do is share the great news with your horse & look forward to having lots of fun together :)
  • What currency is the price? The price is USD - American dollars.
  • Is this for English or Western riders? These exercises are for both English & Western riders. It doesn't matter the style of your saddle or what type hat you wear :)
  • Do you have a refund policy? Yes we have a 14 day 100% money back refund policy.
  • What if I’m still not sure? If you've still got Qs, here is what I recommend. You can email me [email protected] and ask me any questions you have. I’m happy to help

Get started now!