Confidence Fix: Self Study Edition by Grey Pony Films (with 36 months access)

Get The Tools, Skills & Strategies You Need To Create A Relaxed & Confident Riding Horse!

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For owners of nervous, spooky, worried, unconfident and anxious horses...

Ever wish your horse had more confidence?

Get the tools, skills & strategies you need to create a relaxed & confident riding horse - and wave GOODBYE to spooks, drama & anxiety!

Do you dream you could just just drop down to the yard, tack up and ride - without even thinking about it?

  • Riding an anxious horse is not a fun experience - for you or your horse! Horses can lose confidence away from their friends & spook at invisible things. It's never fun when then freak out & melt down in scary situations! And this isn't safe for you or your horse!
  • As riders, we need our horses to be calm & relaxed. But how do we help an anxious & spooky horse to relax and gain confidence - WITHOUT us losing confidence in the process too?!

What if there was a simple way to build your horse's confidence?!

  • A way to build confidence in the nervous, novice or new horse, who startles & spooks easily at scary monsters & is more reactive than you're used to?
  • With simple exercises to help the horse who is nervous & frightened of everything? (including birds & bicycles!)
  • A way to go outside of your barn and ride elsewhere without a nervous breakdown!
  • Plus a simple technique to help you get over your fear, instead of you planning to ride a million times and then backing out?

Help your horse say goodbye to fear & anxiety with the Confidence Fix™!

Get ready to enjoy stress-free trail rides & a relaxed & confident horse, with Confidence Learning™ & the 'Listening to the Horse™' inspired program for horse owners who are ready to say goodbye to the worry, anxiety & spooks!

Perfect for horses all breeds & disciplines!

New horses ~ Novice horses ~ Spooky horses ~ Nervous horses ~ Trail riding horses ~ Competition horses

Get ready to enjoy stress-free trail rides & a relaxed & confident horse, with ConfidenceLearning™ & the 'Listening to the Horse™' inspired program for horse owners who are ready to say goodbye to worry, anxiety & spooks!

Here is what is included:

8 Modules & Bonuses:

  • MODULE #1 / The Scary Stuff Survival System
  • MODULE #2 / The Zones of Safety Method
  • MODULE #3 / The Body Language Bootcamp
  • MODULE #4 / The Trust Toolbox Strategy
  • MODULE #5 / Confidence + Energy Training
  • MODULE #6 / Horse Hikes For Relaxation
  • MODULE #7 / Separation Anxiety Solution
  • MODULE #8 / 'Ready To Ride' Confidence Method
  • BONUS #1 / Trail Riding Confidence
  • BONUS #2 / The Food Formula Remedy
  • BONUS #3 / The Connection Technique
Self-Study Edition:

The Confidence Fix™ (8 Modules). . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . (Value $997)
BONUS #1: Trail Riding Confidence . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . (Value $197)
BONUS #2: Food Formula Remedy . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . (Value $147)
BONUS #3: Connection Technique . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . (Value $175)

TOTAL VALUE = ($1613)

Regular price = $550

Today's Price = $297

Get a sneak peek inside the course...

Includes the ‘No Horsing Around’ 14 Day Guarantee!

If you enroll in The Confidence Fix™, and don’t get all the tools & skills you need to create a relaxed & calm horse (even if you've lost a little confidence too!) and see your horse grow in confidence & relaxation in the first 14 days, just send us an email at [email protected] and we’ll be happy to give you your money back.


  • Is the Confidence Fix™ for both English and Western riders?
  • Who doesn’t love to ride in California in jeans & a fabulous western saddle, ride with kangaroos in Australia in a rugged Aussie stock saddle, do a shoulder out with poise & grace in a dressage saddle, or cross dress like I do, with an Irish horse, a deliciously adjustable baroque saddle from Germany and a California hackamore! The Confidence fix™ works for all types of riders & horses, no matter what clothes you love to wear!
  • When I start the Confidence Fix™ program, how many days will it take for me to see my horse start to grow in confidence?
  • The great news is not very long! Using our Body Language bootcamp training, you will start to see your horse become more confident & relaxed, in as little as 2-3 short sessions!
  • How long does each session with my horse need to be?
  • We believe in quality, not quantity. And luckily, so do our horses! So if you can spend 2 to 3 x fifteen minute groundwork sessions with your horse each week - that sounds perfect. Plus with our thoughtfully designed ‘small chunk’ exercises & strategies, you’ll be able to have fun and completely avoid overwhelming your horse!
  • I’ve tried other desensitising programs in the past and they haven’t worked. How will the Confidence Fix be different?
  • The Confidence Fix is not a ‘desensitisation’ program. We don’t want your horse to become desensitised to the world! Instead this program helps you to help your horse become braver & more relaxed, while keeping their wonderful sensitivity & focus - which is what you will need for an advanced riding horse - safely in place! How cool would it be to have the bravest horse in your barn or local area that also out-performs every other riding horse nearby also?!
  • Is the Confidence fix™ suitable for new horses or first time horse owners?
  • 110% yes! The first step for any horse-human partnership, is to work together and build confidence. It is magical to see how with confidence, how much trust & connection develops and how you can build an awe-inspiring partnership with your horse! So it’s perfect if you are the proud owner of a new horse, or if your horse is the proud owner of a first time human!
  • What is the format of the Confidence Fix™?
  • When you join, you will get a grateful kiss from your horse (who doesn’t love a horse smooch?!) plus instant access to all the modules & bonuses in the Confidence Fix.
  • Does the Confidence fix™ include both groundwork & riding lessons?
  • All of the modules & bonuses in this program can be done on the ground. Groundwork is the best way we’ve found to help both you & your horse build confidence. But because we also know that no hour of life is wasted that is spent in the saddle :) you can also repeat a lot of these exercises in the saddle also if you want to :)
  • How old does my horse need to be for the Confidence Fix™?
  • At Listening to the Horse™, we understand that the earliest a horse’s body will be physically mature is at 5.5 years of age. As this course can all be done on the ground, all horses have to be 4 years of age or over. We are very mindful not to do too much work with young horses who are not yet fully developed.
  • I’m too busy right now! If I purchase now, can I do this course when I have more time?
  • Absolutely! I know it’s a crazy time in the world right now, so that’s why you get unlimited 24/7 access to all the course modules and bonuses, on all your smartphones, laptops & ipads, for 3 years from the date of purchase.
  • What currency are the prices in?
  • All our prices are in USD dollars. I know that takes a bit of head scratching if you live in Europe or Australia, but I’ve found this handy website that makes it easy to convert the numbers into your local currency :)
  • What is VAT?
  • If you live in Europe, then the grey suits in Brussels have said that all online businesses have to charge Europeans VAT. I’m sorry about that. Trust me, horses are a lot simpler to figure out, than keeping up with all this VAT stuff!
  • Do you have a refund policy?
  • Yes, you bet we do! When you buy the Confidence fix™, you also get our ‘no horsing around’ guarantee! If you don’t get all the tools & skills you need to create a relaxed & calm horse (even if you've lost a little confidence too!) and see your horse grow in confidence & relaxation in the first 14 days, just send us an email at gre[email protected] and we’ll happily give you your money back!
  • What if I’m still not sure?
  • Don’t worry :) The good news is that I’m usually online every day, so just drop me an email with any questions you have to [email protected], tell me about your horses & your situation, and I will give you my honest advice on whether the Confidence Fix is right for you or not.

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